Hey, guys! This post is written in some kind of “diary” because I was typing it throughout my whole journey from Sioux Center to London. I had no idea it could be so crazy. Enjoy!

10.30 AM

We were on our way to the airport when my host dad noticed that we are going the wrong way. We are going to the airport all the way north in Sioux Falls instead of the one south of Sioux City. I am sitting in the back of the car not talking at all because I don’t wanna make things worse. We are an hour and 30 minutes away from my airport and my plane leaves in an hour and a half. I hope we can make it. Although my hopes are smaller and smaller every minute.

11.00 AM

We are an hour away. I don’t know if they will let me get on the airplane because I don’t have anything checked in. I feel so stressed and have butterflies in my stomach because it would mess up my flight from Chicago to London also. But I’m tryna be calm really hard.

My friends are already at the airport waiting for me because we were supposed to have a farewell there together. I can’t even text them because I don’t have any connections. Hope we can make it.

11.07 AM

My host mom called the American Airlines and asked if I can somehow catch the flight. He told us that if we’d come to the airport at 12.06 as the latest, I would probably be able to get on the plane. Let’s hope we can make it.

*the worst is that I need to pee so much but we can’t stop anywhere 😭. Ok, it’s not the worst but its kinda bad.

11.40 AM

One mile away looks like there is a chance. Although if we can make it I won’t have much time left at the airport so I’m already so sorry to all of my friends waiting for me to say goodbye. Its gonna have to be a really quick hug.

12.21 PM


I’m on the airplane and we will be departing soon. My suitcases are not overweight and will go all the way to Vienna what came handy because my hands are full anyway. I had a quick farewell with my family and friends. Thanks for everything. Donna please, keep an eye on Wayne for me! I know it is hard but you can do it! Thank you guys for coming to the airport ❤️ you were there way earlier than I was. Love you.







13.00 PM

I am reading all the letters over and over again. I love you guys so much.

I smiled like an idiot reading them in front of everyone. When I opened Tyler’s letter, I was crying, smiling and a couple times I almost laughed aloud. It was just too funny. Although I probably looked really funny or crazy because this cute guy one seat away was laughing at me. Never mind. I truly enjoyed my letters. ❤️ It is the nicest thing you could possibly get me. I will keep them forever.









9.32 PM

Well, I am on my way to London. We have 3 more hours out of 8 left and I already accepted this night as a night without any sleep. Right next to me is this one chick watching movies all the time and laughing out loud like every minute, on the other side one guy who should be a king of snoring, and behind me, some kid who can’t keep his legs in one place but is constantly kicking me. Then there is me. Tired as hell and with no chance to get a minute of sleep. (Dear bed, I am so excited to lay in you. See you soon).

And my back hurts.





6.03 AM

Finally landing in London. Zero minutes of sleep as well as no patience left. I am so happy my longest flight is finally over.

7.30 AM

Currently in London, finally sitting at the airport. 1% of energy, 100% ready to me home already.




Love, Laura ❤