Hey, guys!

Today’s post will be about one of my favorite places I’ve ever visited. THAILAND. I have a bunch of great memories from there and I will never forget them. It was a fun time with the most awesome group of friends.

We particularly were on a small island Koh Samui, more on the South of Thailand.

To begin with, for me, Koh Samui is that kind of place where almost everything may seem unorganized, crowded, and dirty, but is still so beautiful and fun to explore.

People were extremely kind, nice, and willing to help. The most of them have almost nothing, live in some things we can’t even call a house and yet they are so happy.

People use scooters for the transport across the island. We also borrowed one of those. It was there really cheap and there is a place for renting the scooters on every corner.

It was really crazy because there are no rules and laws on the roads. Seeing an 11-year-old driving a scooter was just a normal thing. We saw a whole family (5 people) riding the same scooter very often.

One of the first things we have noticed after the very first day was the huge number of random dogs crossing the road all the time. No one really owns a dog but at the same time, the dogs belong to everyone. People put food in front of their homes or restaurants for these dogs. The best thing was that no one runs them over.

This is us on our scooter and one of the tens of dogs we saw.

As I have mentioned before, the streets seem pretty messy and stuffed with all kinds of stuff but that is their culture and it is normal over there.

Electric cables are literally everywhere and having pylons in the middle of the sidewalks is pretty common too.
People throughout the whole island sell all sorts of stuff. Mostly high fashioned or branded sports clothing and accessories which are obviously fake. On the beaches, Lamai or Chaweng are places like that huge and popular with tourists.


Up to 15 people sitting in the trunk of the car? Just a normal kind of transportation. So we wanted to try it too and it was pretty fun.


The weather there was literally the craziest thing ever. Within a couple minutes, it could rain couple centimeters and right after that was sunny again. I loved when the rain started while we were on our scooters. We all were wet within few seconds. It was so fun.

Besides our hotel beach, we also wanted to see some others. So we took our scooters and visited a couple of different ones. All of them were so beautiful, long, and clean.

Beach Lamai.


Yeah… what else would you expect from me?
The water was so warm. 
Such a mainstream picture, I know.. But you have one too.
People probably thought that I have nothing more useful to do with myself. But I didn’t so yeah, pretty accurate.
This is me holding a heart shaped stone (ok, not really but I tried) which I brought back home for my dad ❤


After the beach time, we headed back on the roads to find some place to eat. Firstly, I was so scared to try something new, but then I fell in love with Thai food. The price of the food was really low compared to Europe or the US. You could have a full meal for less than $5.


There is nothing pretty about this picture but you can see a typical restaurant right there. They make pretty much the same dishes everywhere. And right there in the corner, you can see exactly 50% of one of the best people I have in my life.
Me at some other eating place
And this is us ❤ Can’t even tell how much I appreciate them. (Not an easy thing to keep a hold of me for two weeks.)

Things have gotten wild as the nightlife started. Hundreds of tourists out in streets, nightclubs, tens of small shops right next to each other, and box meetings every night.

The most ridiculous things I saw were these “massage saloons” with a “happy ending.” You could see them all around, right next to each other. Women were sitting outside with mini skirts on and almost naked, calling the tourists into the pink salons, not ashamed of anything.

Ehm, I do not know what is going on with me and my hands in this picture, but this is the only picture with these transgenders I found. They were usually from the nightclubs, dressed like this, offering all kinds of services to men.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post :)! I loved Thailand and I would definitely come back if I could!

PS: one of the best things was the incredible fruit.

A big THANK YOU belongs to Zdenko, Filip, and Gabika which I love so much. ❤

xoxo, Laura 🙂


Oh, and look at this small banana which is just too cute not to share. And they were free at the hotel so I took like 10 of them. Every 5 minutes.