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Prom is one of those things which probably come to your mind when you think of American high school. Since we don’t have something like that back in Europe (click and read more about THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCES BETWEEN EUROPE AND USA), I didn’t know what to expect. I just knew that girls wear pretty dresses, prom queen and king were chosen, and there is also a dance. I just saw it in some movies or series where the girls were giving out cupcakes to convince people to vote for them as a prom queen.

However, there is a lot more to that.

It all begins when people ask others to go to prom with them. Boys can go with girls or girls with girls, with whoever they want. There is no such a thing that you have to bye asked by your boyfriend. People usually ask with different posters they made.


The first thing you usually have to take care of is your dress or suit. We went to look for my prom dress like four months before prom (Thanks, mom <3).This can be really stressful because the majority of the dresses are really expensive.

There is so much to choose from.
But we found the right one for me.

The time that is left until prom passes so fast. Especially for an exchange student. Believe me. So, the day of prom came shortly after and I still didn’t know what will be going on.

So many of the girls got their hair, makeup, and nails done by a professional, but I didn’t do that. I felt like that would be kinda useless for me. I did my makeup and hair alone since I don’t like to wear a heavy makeup nor a ton of hairspray in my hair. It was not a masterpiece at all, but at least you could still recognize my face. Then, I somehow zipped up my dress and was ready to leave the house for the pictures.

My eyeshadow is not finished in this picture. But even after everything was done, the makeup was just really light.
After I was all done with my makeup, I did my nails which I didn’t really do because I just bought them.
The wrist corsages are for girls so they match with their date’s bouncer.
This one is from the second prom.
And that is how I looked.

The first part of prom is taking pictures. Tons and tons of them. Maybe even more. It was kinda tiring. (Well, not just “kinda” it actually was).



After the pictures are done taking, the grand march starts. Every prom is inspired by some theme. This year, we had a “Hawaii” style. At the grand march, they introduce all of the couples, and they have to walk in front of all the people who came to see us. Everyone was so scared they would fall, but no one actually did. When all the couples were finished with their walk, the prom king and queen were about to be announced. We’ve  all voted for them during the week before prom.

And that’s me and Tyler.
This year’s Prom queen looked really stunning 🙂

After the grand march, we took more pictures.

The gym right after the grand march.

Then, everyone will have dinner together. The main course is typical American like mashed potatoes, some meat, buns, etc. It is usually a three-course meal. At first, we had some nachos and cheese. After that, we ate the main course (and didn’t miss cupcakes). By this time, my feet were in pain from my shoes, so I just walked barefoot. It also wouldn’t be me if I wouldn’t drop my food on my dress. Luckily, I washed it off, and it was all good again.

The place where we ate and after that, had the dance.

What surprised me the most, was that before entering the building to the dinner and after prom, everyone had to blow into the thing that can tell if you are drunk. And the police was there all the time during the party. Which reminded me of this school event back home, to that almost everyone (not me duh) came already drunk. And no one ever cared.

After we were done eating, the dance started. There were all kinds of snacks during the dance also. Although it was kinda uncomfortable to dance in dresses and suits, the majority survived.

The dance was going on until 11ish.

At the after prom, there were all sorts of games, food, and fun activities we could play and win some prices. There was a magician and hypnotist what was the best and funniest part of the after prom.

After all, I had a great time. Even though I was sick 😦 – I’m glad I went there. If you hesitate whether to go or not to go to Prom then go! You will remember the night forever.

I was just walking around with a sweatshirt on my dress because I didn’t want to get more sick.

Thanks to my host mom, my awesome date, and all of my friends which made prom possible ❤

Hope I gave you some better idea of what prom is! 🙂

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