Hey, guys!

Today I will take you to the capital of the United States- Washington DC.

Before visiting such a place I would surely recommend you to do some research so you can have a general idea about where you are and what you are looking at.

We have spent 2 days in Washington DC which was totally not enough time but it is enough to briefly visit the most famous and important places. The time went by really fast so everyone tried to get the best memories and experiences from it. And I think we did a pretty good job!

IMG_2603 - Copy.jpg
This is the Lincoln Memorial, a bunch of movies were filmed here and MLK gave here the “I Have A Dream” speech. They have told us that about 40 percent of the monument is underground.

Probably one of the most famous places in Washington DC with the beautiful view of the Washington Memorial.

This is supposed to be in the exact same place where MLK gave his speech.

Then we moved on to Jefferson Memorial. I was expecting a ton of people to be walking through this city but actually, there were just a few tourists.

Jefferson Memorial (the view from there is just too beautiful)

Welcome to the bus in which each of us has spent like 10000 hours. We had two buses full of people all around the world which was pretty cool. Firstly, we taught each other how to say “hi, how are you, my name is…” As we became better friends we change our interest a bit. We started to care more about weird phrases and swear words. Yes, it is really a necessary to know that kind of stuff in 30 languages. You know, just in case.

The best part was when some of the other languages had the same words as my language does. Of course, they had different meanings but sometimes it was just too ridiculous. But hilarious.

It is kinda hard to find me in this picture but the fact that Dario’s butt takes all the space on it is more important. (Todavia te Quiero though)

Afterward, we went to the Holocaust museum. Honestly, there are interesting facts in the museum but I feel like Americans couldn’t put the “real pain” into the thing like this because it didn’t happen to them. It was more like a history textbook stuff printed out on big posters.

The quote by the entrance to the Holocaust museum. 
These were all the shoes they took off before”showering.”

They handed us these “passports”. All of them had different people from the Holocaust with their life stories there. We had a chance to meet one old lady wich experienced the Holocaust and we could ask her anything. Although I didn’t feel it is right to ask her about something terrible like this, so I didn’t ask anything.

I got this one. There were kids, teenagers, pregnant women,… everyone.

We had a little over 2 hours to spent in the museum. Then we were supposed to get back into the buses. Oh, yes… we were also supposed to walk in groups of three or more. Do you know who walked as an individual? Me. And all the chaperons were looking for me all over the museum because I got into the reading too much I haven’t noticed time was passing by. But they found me. Eventually…

Get yourself some Chinese food.

The next stop were the Smithsonian museums. They told us that we will have time to visit only two or three of them but my friend from Indonesia (miss u Raska), Cecil from Germany and me were ready to take the challenge and visit all of them. I mean, I was there for the first and maybe the last time in my life so why would I see the most I could?

This is in the air and space museum. We saw a lot of cool things there like the first plane, Apollos, The Moon shuttles, space food,… It was really interesting and I definitely recommend to visit this museum.
We saw the process of mummification in the Natural History museum.
It was scary. But interesting. But mostly scary.
We were at the same place where the “Night At The Museum” was filmed. It was pretty exciting to see it in the real life.
We also went to the art (portrait) museum but it was probably the most boring one (for me), although I am an artist myself. We went out really quick. So if you are not a fanatic art lover this probably wouldn’t be the best choice for you. My favorites were the museum of first ladies (that one was REALLY cool) and natural history museum.
The Smithsonian Castle
You know the diamond from Rose’s (Titanic) necklace? Well, here it is!

After the whole day of walking, we have finally ended up in the hotel. Waking up early and going to sleep really late is not the best, but it was totally worth it.

And finally at the hotel, so ready to enjoy the (4-hour) sleep and ready for another day in The Washington DC.


We have begun the day by visiting the WW2 memorial. We could see the Washington memorial from almost every other place. Everything in the Washington DC is kinda in the same area.

This is the National WW2 Memorial

After this, we visited the old theater where Lincoln was shot. There is a small “room” in the corner where it all happened.

The place where Lincoln was shot. 
We also visited the house where Lincoln died. The rooms were still the same and there was a bunch of posters with some information about Lincoln in each of the rooms.

The United States Capitol building. It was all so beautiful and looked so expensive and all fancy.
All over the place are paintings done by famous painters.

This is the library of congress which was SO BEAUTIFUL. They got new books every second and they carry them around in big “cars” so they can put them in the right order.
This is ALL full of books! It was crazy.

This is the Arlington National Cemetery where thousands of the US army members and some of the US presidents and their family members buried.

The Arlington National Cemetery. Everything was in perfect order.

Thanks to all of the amazing people from all over the word for the awesome trip 🙂 I will never forget you.

I totally enjoyed Washington DC and I absolutely don’t regret going there. Although if you don’t care about museums and memorials and parliament buildings you will (most likely) find it boring because that’s pretty much all you can find there. NEW YORK is more fun. We also saw The White House but we were far away from it and saw only the back side. Mainly because something was going on inside and the guards didn’t let anyone go closer. Usually, people are able to go way closer. It was better than nothing tho :).

I will never forget the people, memories, experiences, constant laughter, being almost forgotten in the museum, and all the love that was shared. And of course, I will remember the bunch of useless words in Finnish, Indonesian, Danish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, etc. FOREVER.

I hope you enjoyed to read about it because I really enjoyed being there!


Laura ❤