America is so much different than Europe. It took me a while to get used to the “American mentality” and their cultural norms. Although I am not completely used to it yet. There are so many differences and I have the biggest ones (in my opinion) listed in this post!


First of all, when I came to the US I hugged everyone who I met. I hugged people when we were introduced to each other for the first time, I hugged them when I came somewhere, of course when we were leaving,… Just as I was used to. Well, ⇒ DONT DO THAT! In Europe it is normal but here they will just look at you like: “What are you doing?”

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At least I didn’t try the “kiss on the cheek” thing as we usually do in Slovakia.


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When people ask you: “How are you?” or “How is it going?” ⇒ say “good” and disappear from their day. They don’t actually want to know how your life is going. You are not expected to tell them about your problems, worries, and other stories like in Europe. It took me a while when I realized this but now I know it is more like only a part of the “greeting”.

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Even though you are tired, sick, bored, sad… you are always kinda expected to say “good, how are you?”



My only options how could I get somewhere in Slovakia:

  • Go by bus
  • Walk there
  • My parents took me
  • That’s it.

Here, the only buses are the school buses and people don’t walk here) and people don’t walk anywhere. Since everyone has a car (not me) they just take a car. And that’s also it.

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I think every city in Europe has these “Cty Squares” where you cant entry with a car, there is a lot of small shops, coffee shops, pizzerias, restaurants,… When you go there in the evening, people are sitting outside on the restaurant’s terraces and all the street lamps are lighting, people are on the walks… Here “the center” are roads with a whole bunch of malls right next to them. But there is nothing where you can go, and just hang out, walk, meet people outside etc.

Image result for namestie trnava
This is the one in my city 🙂



As America is a really young country they don’t have a lot of history here. I really miss all the traditions, sights, and nature we have in Slovakia. I miss the castles, old buildings, churches,… Now when I live without it, I truly appreciate it. The culture here is a lot different. For example, on the Christmas Eve, I didn’t really feel the “atmosphere” as I do when I am home. I felt like here, in  America it is all more only about presents.

Image result for slovakia castles pretty
Can we just all appreciate Bojnice castle in Slovakia? ❤



I am super thankful my family is not much into the “super unhealthy American food”. Although people here cook so much less often than they do in Europe. For instance, there is a bunch of cake mixes in the store and people just mix them with water and eggs and ⇒ the cake is ready. Back home we add every single ingredient by ourselves and we pretty much don’t use the cake mixes. We also don’t use frozen rice, pasta, pizza, etc. that much.

Image result for bryndzove halusky
I miss Slovak food so much!



That doesn’t mean I don’t eat it. Obviously, I do. But European chocolate is just so much better! The American chocolate taste like a really really cheap chocolate back home. (Like the one that is used for the cheap St. Nicolaus candies.)

 But you can also buy one kind of Milka and Ritter Sport here.

Image result for american chocolate
PS: Butterfingers are the worst don’t even try to buy them! XD



To be honest I am still really confused about American Football. Firstly, I do not understand why is it called football when You don’t even kick the ball; secondly, I don’t find it very entertaining.

Image result for sioux center football


Back home, before every main meal, we have some kind of soup. Here in the United States, they don’t have nearly as many kinds of them. Also, they don’t eat them that much.

Image result for polievka v chlebe
I am literally craving for a garlic soup in bread like this right now.


I really hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Love you!  🙂

xoxo, Laura ❤