Since I am in America, all the new people I’ve met have been asking me: “where are you from?”

“SLOVAKIA.”  I always respond (of course). After this, I usually see confused faces, “sounds cool” kinda thing, or: “is it near Russia?”  Although some people knew where Slovakia is. (What made me happy.) Anyways, I got an idea to print out an outline of Europe with all the states, pick out 10 of them and let my friends fill it in. I didn’t want to
be rude so I picked only the big ones. Slovakia is just one exception but I am Slovakian! So I had to do it. (Okay, Switzerland is also kinda small.)

 2 OUT OF 10 


2 OUT OF 10 

Seems like everyone knows where Itlay is!

 8 OUT OF 10

Almost everything is correct except for Switzerland and Croatia.

10 OUT OF 10!

Everything is right!! yay!

2 OUT OF 10

Only Italy and Finnland are correct. BUT -> bonus points for Russia! 😀

Then I went to one of my teachers with an intention to push the score a bit higher and he knew every single state of Europe! (Although it was kinda more than expected from him.)

Note: it seems like everyone knows where Italy is.

Thank you all who helped me with this fun thing! ❤

PS:  I would probably fail also if someone would quiz me over all the US states. Of course, I would know the popular ones as New York (post about NYC is here), California, Florida and some more But I doubt I would have everything correct.

Love You!

xoxo, Laura 🙂