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This post will be about my usual day as a student in America. Keep in mind that everyone here has a different schedule because you get to pick out your classes.

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My day starts at 6:50 by waking up to my annoying alarm clock sound. (Although some of the students have a period before the first one which I am happy I do not.) I do the classic morning routine with the exception of the “doing make-up” and the “dressing up fancy” part and I enjoy it so much because in my school back home I used to dress up every day. Here I honestly don’t care and put my sweatpants on.

At 7:36 my school bus stops next to our house and the “crazy ride” (because of all those kids) is about to begin. I usually put my headphones in to stay away from the craziness. On the other side, the bus is free so I don’t really have a right to complain. My only redemption is my parents which give me a ride sometimes. It’s very nice from them.

I am at school normally about 7:45 but it doesn’t start until 8:10. So usually I just drink my coffee in the library and work on something I didn’t get done because I was too “busy” ding something else.

The schedule in America is a lot different than in Slovakia. Here is the list of some biggest differences between the “typical school day” in these two countries.


America: I have 8 periods+ warrior time every day, every single day I have the same schedule.

Slovakia: We have only 6 periods a day but the schedule changes every day so my classes are different each day.


America: Breaks are each only three minutes.

Slovakia: The breaks are different after each period. It can be 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes.


America: 3.20 PM

Slovakia: 1.20 PM


America: Everyone has a different schedule.So you are more like an “individual” in the school.

Slovakia: Each class has the same schedule so we stay with the same group of people basically every day.


America: You have to go to the teacher’s room.

Slovakia: You have one room with other 30 people where you stay all day and the teachers have to come to our classroom.


America: Here, we work with computers and online textbooks and teacher’s presentations.

Slovakia: We have a book for each class and one notebook for our notes for every single period.

FUN FACT: Everyone here uses only a pencil.


America: You got to pick out the subjects you like and make your own schedule.

Slovakia: You are already given a schedule nd you cannot do any changes in it.



The sound of the first bell means “sociology time” for me. It is overall pretty interesting. Right now we have a cultural unit and I and my group have a project about Slovakia. We have to research our countries and then also cook some dishes from the country. Ya all keep your fingers crossed for me so they won’t be disgusted from my baking and cooking! We learn about immigration, different cultures, and all the (for me) interesting stuff. In the first week of the class, we had an assignment and we had to go on a date with someone from the class.


This is just a normal class. Sometimes it is kinda fun but most of the time is not. After all, it’s totally more fun than it is in Slovakia


This class along with my econ class is probably the toughest one in my schedule. But honestly, I think it I interesting. The teachers here are a lot different and they want you to understand the subject and they are willing to help you a lot.

Well, here we watched the basketball game because our Warriors made it to the State Championship ❤


At this time we go to our homeroom for the first 7 minutes of the class and then we can go wherever we want to go. The teachers can also sign us up for warrior time if we didn’t get something done or if we’ve missed some test. You can go and visit with any teacher you need or want to. They are all available in their classrooms during the whole warrior time.I usually go to the art room and work on my projects.

This was a fundraiser where we duck taped our teacher on the wall in the gym.
This was today in our theater where we were watching movie


As I’ve said before, this is one of my 2 hardest classes. It is a little harder for me because English is not my first language but when I have the meaning of the unknown words it is much easier. Overall I do like this class because we deal with everyday problems and things we will need in our future in general.


In English, we learn some grammar, how to write papers,… Now we read a book and after some chapters, we have discussions in the class. We have a lot of “group work” in this class and I kinda like that.


This is one of my favorite classes. I love art and this class gives me everything I need. I like that they take art seriously here. In Slovakia, I barely got a blank sheet of paper in my art class. Here we have everything, canvases, oil, acryl, papers, pencils, glue guns, a bunch of brushes, and basically everything that an artist can wish for. It is really awesome.

Portrait of my sister with oil (still) in progress 🙂
Here are some of my other art projects!
The Art Room


This is a class  I have for studying or doing something else. I have my study hall in the library (learning center). Sometimes I stay there and do my homework but more often I go to the art room and I paint again! 🙂 I really like how “free” you are in the school.


This is my last class. One of my favorite ones. We learn about the human behavior, how people think, why they think like they do, we learn about mental disorders, sleep, different stages of life and death, marriages, cheating,… It is actually really fun class and we do a lot of fun activities. I really like it.


At 3:20 My school day is at the end and I go back home riding the (NOISY) school bus again.

I really hope you guys enjoyed reading this article and got to know something new! I would be more than happy if you would leave me a comment under the post and let me know what do you think!


Thank You all for supporting me!

xoxo, Laura ❤