Hi, guys!

Not so long ago I have been in New York City. First of all, I just want to let you know –> IF YOU WILL EVER HAVE A CHANCE TO VISIT NYC, GO FOR IT. Don’t even hesitate. It was honestly one of the best places I have ever been to.


My US agency organized this trip for all the exchange students that wanted to go. It was A LOT of money, but it was really worth it. Otherwise, I would never meet so many people from all over the world, I would never make so much great friends and see another part of the word. We went with the bus which honestly (partly) sucked. It was such a long ride but on the other side, we had a chance to talk, get to know each other, see all the things that surrounded us, etc. Most of all, if we went by plane, I would never notice how the cars were changing from really old and basic ones to Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Rolls Royce, as we got closer to the NYC. That was pretty interesting.

I am going to share with you some of the most amazing memories from this incredible place!

This is the first view of NYC we got on our bus. To be honest, yeah, I cried. It was so beautiful and I couldn’t even believe that what I see and where I am is a reality. In that moment, everyone in the bus was Alicia Keys and sang that New York song!

Our first views

I can’t even describe the feeling I had when I saw this ice ring from The Home Alone and other movies.

NYC ice ring

The Empire State Building. One of my favorite places ever. I will never forget the feeling. I was on the top of New York. I could see everything. Thousands of buildings, people, cars, and lights were under me. I was just silently walking around and stared at the incredible view. So many things came to my mind at that time. At the same moment, I was thinking how thankful I am to my family, and what would happen if I’d drop my phone.

It was SO COLD and windy up there. Never ever go without a coat!
Just imagine your phone falling down. That’s how psychically hard taking this photo was for me.

Ferry took us to the Staten Island so we saw another beautiful angle of New York.

Completely opposite of “nature”, but still beautiful.

From the Ferry, we also saw The Statue of Liberty but didn’t have enough time to go there. The entire New York City traffic was slowed down because Trump was there at that time.

Before the guard kicked me out for making “dangerous positions for my selfies”.

We also went to the NYC subway which honestly didn’t even look like a subway station. There were so many places to eat, shops,… everything.


Brooklyn Bridge. I honestly didn’t find that interesting. But it is a famous place to visit so we went there. Apparently, I am not really into bridges! 😀

The Brooklyn Bridge
Anyways, I still took a selfie.

I went to the “9/11″memorial. It was built at the same place as the Twin Towers were a couple years ago.  The atmosphere was really unique. I came from really noisy Time Square to this silent memorial. Literally, no one talked.

A giant fountain with names of the victims all around.
We got to know that every single day an employee puts these white roses next to the names of everyone who would have their birthday that day.

We were also told that the names are not in alphabetical order nor in the “birth date” order. The families agreed to group their names depending on “who worked with who” kinda thing.

The Survivor Tree

This is the “survivor tree”  right next to the memorial. It is the only original tree which survived the tragedy.

Let’s move to the “happier” things. The Times Square was love at the first sight. There is NO night for anyone on Times Square. With all the shining billboards there is no dark even though it is nighttime. There are so many people talking different languages, doing so many things. And I LOVED IT!

The ad in the left corner is probably more interesting than me in this picture. But the dirty hands were worth it! ( And not everyone has a picture like this. See, the man in the blue jacket is probably jealous of me.-or thinks I’m stupid! :))
These ladies were actually naked but their speed of turning aside was faster than my camera. And I had no desire to give them my money.
One more dude staring at me. Well, honestly, I didn’t care at all. In that time, Time Square was mine. And I did whatever I wanted to.
This was probably the darkest part I was able to find.

I and a friend of mine also went to the “World’s Biggest Disney Store” which was so fun.

They would call you a “prince and princess” there and wish you a “Magic day”.

We also visited a huge M&M store which was unforgettableble experience.

You could make your own mix of M&Ms
One sexy M&M lady

The next stop was “China Town”. It was truly like a different world. There were so many Chinese people, reading Chinese newspapers, speaking Chinese,… They didn’t even English. They had their own little world tight there.

Reaching the sky once more

For me, this cathedral on the 5th Avenue was one of the prettiest buildings on the Times Square.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Fun fact: there are 8 Archbishops of New York buried in a crypt under the high altar.

The interior of the Cathedral
Waiting on the rest of the group next to the Cathedral. (Thanks, girls <3)
The Trump Tower. ( In the top apartment, 3rd window from the left you can see Ivanka smiling on me)

Fun Fact: We also drove by the apartment where Beyonce lived, were in the mall with Cara Delevigne on the ” Grand opening of an H&M store”, were on a Broadway show, and saw the Trump’s hotel. It was pretty fancy.

The next stop was beautiful Central Park. So many people were running and bicycling there. Like a ton of them.

We were said that John Lennon and his wife lived in a house near Central Park
The colors ❤
And of course… My kind of picture again…

I really hoped you enjoyed reading this post. I had so much work with it but I know someone will like it and appreciate it. In New York, I truly had a time of my life. Thanks to all of my foreign friends, all the chaperones and tour guides, my awesome dad and my host family. They all made it possible.

Love You!

xoxo, Laura ❤