If someone would ask me about my best memories from the US, I am more than sure that winter formal would take a spot there. I’d say it was more about the time with my friends, getting ready, and seeing everyone dressed up super nicely than the actual “dance” part.

Winter formal. I had literally no idea what that is. Speaking of that, I didn’t know if I am supposed to go with a boy or what I should wear. Well for a moment it looked like I’m not even going because I didn’t bring any nice clothes and shoes from Slovakia. But luckily the winter formal got rescheduled because that night was like -30 degrees Celsius so I had some time for shopping. With my friends, we went to the mall and the finding of “formal but not too formal” outfit (as I was said) began.

I put something together and I think it looked nice at the end. At least I wasn’t frustrated that I have nothing to wear.



getting ready.png
Getting ready




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ūüôā Love you ‚̧


I was getting ready with my friends what was fun and then we went to the formal. The best part of it was seeing all the people dressed up so nicely, everyone with a makeup on point and high heels. (Although all the high heels went off by the first 10 minutes of the dance. But some brave ones suffered shoes on the whole¬†evening). Although the music wasn’t that good, we still had fun. After the dance, completely¬†tired and lazy, I went home. Luckily I didn’t fall asleep with all the makeup on. (As I expected from myself).


Jasminka ‚̧



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Me and my host mum ‚̧


xoxo, Laura ‚̧